3 newcomers in the Serena Family ❤

The end of year holidays are perfect for family gatherings; an opportunity to share and help each other. So this is the perfect time for us to introduce our newest relatives! Yep, we’ve been quite busy this Fall! Take a look at these great start-ups:

”Eh, what’sup doc?” — Inato raises $1.3M in seed funding to reduce the cost of drugs through AI! 💊

What’s up? Well, drug costs could decrease by up to 50% thanks to Inato!

Do you know how much a clinical trial costs during the development phase of new medicine? Up to $500 million!

This enormous amount can be greatly reduced by automating the recruitment of medical centers through AI. In fact, nearly 30% of hospitals do not meet their commitments during clinical trials and do not recruit any patients. This means a waste of time and money for pharmaceutical companies. With its fundraising, Inato will be able to further improve its machine learning technology to recruit only the right medical centers and conquer European laboratories.

The technological revolution of ML and AI for the pharmaceutical industry market is a huge opportunity. We are convinced that Inato’s team is the most advanced and relevant in the world to accompany this major transformation.

“We’ve got your back” — Odaseva allows you to back up and archive your Salesforce data to prevent a loss ☁️🔒

How chilled you are when using Odaseva and knowing you won’t lose any data.

Odaseva is the most advanced cloud data platform built for enterprises to address backing-up, archiving and GDPR related matters.

If Odaseva manages more than 150 billion data per year and has a million Salesforce users in its corporate customers, it is for a reason. This Franco-American start-up allows you to back up data and restore it in case of technical problems or loss (something Salesforce does not allow in a native way), to archive data (to automate compliance and regulatory requirements for instance) and be compliant with new European regulations.

The subject of data is becoming increasingly important and concerns every company. Odaseva is the best platform to tackle associated problems and meet future standards right now. We are happy to help in this adventure!

“I’m busy, stop telephoning me” — Allo-media’s Vocal Cookie is here to put a stop to a lousy customer experience! 🍪☎

Me when I was confronted with telephone after-sales service. But that was before.

Following 2 years of R&D, Cookie Vocal transforms all telephone conversations into customer data that can be used immediately by brands.

Every year, 270 billion calls are made by customers to brands, but 90% of the information exchanged orally is lost. With Allo-media, that is over! Their powerful AI combines speech recognition and deep semantic analysis. Companies can increase customer acquisition rates by analyzing and improving the entire customer experience (you understood, customer satisfaction is at the heart of everything). The €8M in fundraising will enable Allo-media to accelerate their development in France and abroad.

Gone are those horrific calls to customer services; companies can now respond effectively to their clientele and thus build customer loyalty. Serena Capital is excited to join this great team to improve everyone’s lives :-)

We are very proud to work with these start-ups to help them achieve their goals and much more!

See you very soon!

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We are a capability-driven investor, bringing operational value to our portfolio companies and to the ecosystem at large.

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