199 awesome jobs at Serena Capital

You are a very talented individual and you want to join an exciting start-up.

You yearn to live this one, defining carrier experience where you get to feel the adrenalin rush of being part of a company growing as fast as it can.

You are at the right place ❤


Career defining opportunities

23 of our portfolio companies currently offer a whopping 199 opportunities in Sales, Marketing, Ops, Product, Tech, Management…

Positions are open all over the world, in France (Paris, Nantes, Lyon, Lille, Toulouse…), in the US (SF, NY, Florida), in the UK, Spain, Italy, Singapore, …

even in Japan!

How to apply

The 199 job offers listed all have a link or contact detail so that you can apply. Just click on the link below to access the complete list! 
(you will need to fill a short form to access the file — it takes 20 seconds tops)

The complete list: https://serenacapital2.typeform.com/to/vW2mlK

Good luck to you!

Zeïna, Sébastien and Marie

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About Serena Capital

We are a capability-driven investor, bringing operational value to our portfolio companies and to the ecosystem.

More about our unique approach: https://blog.serenacapital.com/join-the-dark-side-971de57fa73

Find out more at www.serenacapital.com

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